Take Your Insurance Campaign to the Next Level!

There are many touch points for insurance providers to take a lead right through to a conversion. To make this process as easy as possible, insurance providers need a dialler that can handle multiple layers of communication from different channels.

Primo has designed a dialler for insurance providers which can integrate with multiple platforms such as calls, social media, SMS, and email. Keeping case information all in one place and allowing agents to easily track cases.

Inbound calls in the system can automatically screen pop data to display any past interactions and allow users to confirm security details.

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    Stay connected with Leads over a variety of channels

    There are so many communication channels to manage these days it’s hard to keep up. Therefore, Primo have developed dialler software which helps insurance providers keep track of messages of multiple platforms.

    Phone Calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Email and Social Media messages can be all be collected in one place. Making it easy for agents to keep on top of cases.

    Powerful Real-Time Analytics

    React to the data to make accurate and strategic decisions based on agents performance. 

    As a result of quick and accurate real-time analytics, you can keep an eye on how your campaign is doing. If there are not enough calls, you can respond by increasing dial speed. Too many calls, you can slow calls down to make it easier to manage.

    Reaching More Insurance Leads

    A dialler that has been configured specifically for your industry can help your organisation improve efficiency and connect with more leads.

    Furthermore, you can help organise the leads all in one place, saving time managing multiple platforms. This can help free up time to increase calls and reach more leads.


    CRM & Dialler Integration - Financial Services

    CRM and Dialler Integration

    At Primo Dialler we offer a full range of CRM integration solutions and software, for instance. Software that allows our predictive dialler solution to communicate with your existing CRM. 

    Disaster Recovery

    Our disaster recovery systems use cloud technology to make sure that your dialler is available, whenever you need it.

    Dialler Reporting & Analytics

    Our predictive dialling technology can provide you with a host of reports and analytics. So much so that you will be well-inform when decision making. As a result this will help you manage your teams effectively.

    Why Don’t You See Our Dialer for Yourself?

    Primo’s Dialler can be configured to help you get the most out of your insurance campaigns.

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