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Our Mission

“Our job is to create the ideal dialling solution
for your business. We do not believe in the
one size fits all mentality of some dialler
companies and excel in matching the dialler
functions to your business needs”

There have been a few key milestones in the development of Primo Dialler and hopefully many more to come. When we launched Primo Dialler back in 2007 we created a mission statement that still drives our business forward today and has become part of our philosophy.

The Journey So Far


Primo Dialler group is launched

with a modest but ambitious team of 3

Predictive Dialler Innovation

After much development, fine tuning and getting the product as good as it could be, Primo Dialler holds a press conference to launch the most innovative predictive dialler platform in the industry.

The first 150 seat installation

The very first predictive dialler installation for 150 seats is highly successful

Award Winners

Primo Dialler group wins the European Support Team of the Year Award!

Progress and Consistency

The Primo Dialler Development and Support Team grows to 25 technicians and are finalists again in the European Support Team of the Year Award!

Watch this Space

As Primo Dialler continue to innovate the call centre industry.

By Your Side

As winners of the Support Team of the Year in the 2013 European Call Centre Awards and finalists again in 2014, we are proud of our achievements but we certainly don’t rest on our laurels. We are always striving to go that extra mile for our customers and make sure we not only deliver on our promises, but we exceed expectations too.

About Us

Our Vision

These are exciting times for Primo Dialler and as we continue to grow, the offering we provide our customers grows as well. We place our customers at the forefront of everything we do and we understand that making your business successful will make our business successful too.

We strive to do this in 2 key ways:

We listen to your ideas, share our ideas with you and then build the best of all possible solutions to support your needs.

We integrate our predictive dialling technology into your business without any hassle, ensuring that you can maximise on all the benefits and that you quickly start to see results.