Interactive Voice Response

Primo Dialer will work with you to ensure that your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is fit for purpose and delivers a great user experience. We can help you set up an IVR that can route inbound calls based on your agents skill sets, campaigns or any other criteria you specify.

We can even set up an IVR to automate the customer experience without the need to speak to an agent, such as paying bills or relaying information.

Having a sophisticated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for your business that is tailored to both your needs and the needs of your customers can make a huge difference to the operational efficiencies of your organisation and how your customers perceive you.


Improve Your Customer Experience

As a business owner, one of your top priorities should be making sure your customers receive an excellent quality service at all times, and our solutions can help. When your business grows, so can our system, all with the goal of improving your operations and ensuring your customers are provided with a great experience.

Designed For Your Customers

Designed For Your Customers

We work closely with you to fully understand the customer experience. Once we know what you are trying to achieve, we design and build an IVR platform to help you achieve it.

Better Customer Service

Operational Efficiency

By answering calls that your teams can deal with rather than being tasked with taking calls and passing them on to other areas of your business, you are ensuring the best use of your time.

Operational Efficiency

Better Customer Service

A well designed and easy to follow IVR system will help make your customers lives easier by providing them with an intuitive solution that lets them get the information or complete the tasks that they need to execute.


Increase Productivity,
Sales & Conversions

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Why Use Primo Dialer?

Increase Productivity

Our call center solutions are the perfect fit for your business. Your agents will be connecting with more people, making sales and getting results.

Award Winning

We’re an award winning business that knows what it takes to develop hosted dialing solutions that will help grow your business.

Quality and Performance

Contact center management teams work to monitor, regulate and improve performance every single minute your operation is running.

Excellent Support

Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Service is the most important factor in platform viability.

SIP & Voip

SIP is a feature which allows users within your business organisation to make thousands or even millions of calls all over the world.

Powerful Technology

Our ground-breaking predictive dialer technology has been developed to integrate seamlessly into your business to increase efficiencies and drive down costs.


Ready to Get Started?

See what Primo Dialer can do for your business. Increase sales, productivity, conversions and that’s just the beginning.

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