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When connected, a predictive dialler works with a list of numbers and connects each of the answered dials with the people who are making the calls. Hosted diallers use a statistical algorithm in order to effectively minimise the amount of time that an agent spends waiting for the next conversation. At the same time a power dialler allows the people on the other end of the line to spend less time waiting for an agent to become available, effectively maximizing efficiency. If all of the agents are busy, then the algorithm resets itself until an agent becomes available, and the call is put through immediately to ensure that no valuable time is lost.

While some other hosted dialler services may require on-site infrastructure in order to function, we do not. Our hosted power dialler service is entirely cloud-based and able to be customised over the internet. You will not need to purchase hardware in order to get Primo Dialler.

All of the diallers can be fully customised in order to meet any and all business needs. Primo Dialler works with numerous clients, each of whom have varying lists of customisations that they would like to use to shape the service in order to work better with them. Our experienced in house technical and design teams are ready and on standby to help customers build any type of dialing service that they want.

For customers who have CRM, simultaneous functionality with hosted dialler services can be a concern. However, through our carefully maintained specifications, we can easily ensure that both the dialler and the CRM will be able to function with each other without any hindrances to either.

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