Predictive Dialler System

A predictive dialler is an outbound call system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers. Also known as Power or Auto diallers it will connect answered calls directly to agents helping to reduce idle time.

Packed full of features the predictive dialler has powerful options to generate higher rates of connection, increase conversions and easily disposition calls.

With an in-house development team, we can integrate our predictive dialler with various software through our API. Helping your contact centre manage calls efficiently and all in one place. 

We’ve made it easy to get started, with packages to best suit your needs and don’t worry we won’t tie you into long term contracts either. 

Find out how good we are with a no commitment free trial!


Increases Sales & Productivity

Predictive diallers work out when agents will be free to take the next call and then dial numbers on the agent’s behalf. The dialler uses algorithms to work out the exact time that an agent is finishing up with a call and then dials another number.

The Primo Dialler automatic dialling software is packed full of the features that customers want. From the ability to provide on-call management including whisper coaching to appointment reminders and workflow automation, almost everything your call centre may need.

Simple Agent Interface

Simple clean interface. Give your agents everything they need from scripts to customer details to notes.

Precision Dialing

The software places calls based on the availability of agents reducing wait times.

Predictive Dialler

Maximize calls, Primo Dialler predicts when an agent will become available by calculating live and past data.

Increased Productivity

Our auto dialler eliminates wasted time from your sales/customer service operatives waiting for a call to be answered, which helps ensure their time is spent talking with customers.

Sophisticated Management

Maximises management time through sophisticated lead management, call-back handling, filtering out do-not-call lists, response recording and more…

Intelligent Systems

Identify best time to call so that your teams are speaking to the optimum level of people. Real-time reporting that allows you to see results and support training needs.


Increase Productivity,
Sales & Conversions

Get started with our award winning hosted dialler today.

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Why Use Primo Dialer?

Increase Productivity

Our call centre solutions are the perfect fit for your business. Your agents will be connecting with more people, making sales and getting results.

Award Winning

We’re an award winning business that knows what it takes to develop hosted dialling solutions that will help grow your business.

Quality and Performance

Contact centre management teams work to monitor, regulate and improve performance every single minute your operation is running.

Excellent Support

Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Service is the most important factor in platform viability.

SIP & Voip

SIP is a feature which allows users within your business organisation to make thousands or even millions of calls all over the world.

Powerful Technology

Our ground-breaking predictive dialler technology has been developed to integrate seamlessly into your business to increase efficiencies and drive down costs.


Ready to Get Started?

See what Primo Dialler can do for your business. Increase sales, productivity, conversions and that’s just the beginning.

At Primo Dialler we understand that running a call centre or large scale telesales operation is a significant investment for your business. Charged with driving sales, managing customer relationships, driving loyalty and building long term revenues, your call centre is at the heart of your business.

Managing a call centre requires a lot of training and investment in resources and technology. With this in mind, it is vital that you are able to control costs whilst still maintaining high levels of customer service. This is where Primo Dialler comes in.

Our ground-breaking predictive dialler technology has been developed to integrate seamlessly into your business processes, increase efficiencies and drive down costs

A Predictive Dialler Tailored to Your Requirements

Through experience, we know that some call centres believe that moving to a new predictive dialler will be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. However, we took this information on board when designing our software.

We have therefore invested a lot of time and research into making our predictive dialler easy to use, affordable and offering fast set up times. We can also integrate your software with various other platforms to allow your call centre to run seamlessly.

Finally, we’ve invested time and money into building an award-winning support team to help train and assist you with the predictive dialler.


A Predictive Dialler is an outbound dialling solution which makes calls from lists of telephone numbers. The software works out and screens calls to get the most of the data and increase agent performance.

Predictive diallers can significantly improve your outbound dialling campaigns. This is done by making sure agents have less wait time for answered calls to come through. This is done by complex algorithms working on averages to make sure calls are ready as soon as agents finish.

Predictive diallers can significantly improve your outbound dialling campaigns. This is done by making sure agents have less wait time for answered calls to come through. This is done by complex algorithms working on averages to make sure calls are ready as soon as agents finish.

Predictive Diallers analyse information in real time to predict when agents will be available to take the next call. They then work out how many numbers to dial to get a regular flow of calls to agents.

Previously predictive diallers were expensive as they involved a huge amount of hardware and installation costs. As technology has moved forward predictive diallers are now based in the cloud and are now cost-effective.

This means less need for physical hardware as agents can use softphones on computers which are free and there is no need for a physical PBX to manage the calls.

Predictive diallers are ideal for call centres or for people looking to make large amounts of outbound calls. Companies like Primo Dialler also allow custom integration so you can link your dialler to your CRM so you can manage calls easily and efficiently.

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