Dialler Reporting & Analytics

One of the keys for driving success in a call centre environment is being able to effectively manage your data and get real-time analytics on key areas of performance. To support you with this our predictive dialling technology can provide you with a host of reports and analytics to inform your decision making and to help you manage your teams effectively.

Automated Reporting


Automated Reporting & Analysis

Our in-built data management reporting and analytics software provides both real-time and historical reports to help you monitor your call centre performance at a high level as well as being able to drill down into specific details at a granular level.


Real-time Statistics & Wall Board:

Real-time Statistics & Wall Board: This is a graphical wall board application which is designed to be displayed on large screens but can also be tailored to a variety of other smaller screens. This provides your teams, supervisors and managers with instant, up to the minute information about the status of queues and performance. The information is displayed in a colourful way via bespoke interfaces to be both engaging and eye-catching so that people take notice.

Wall Board


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