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How Call Centres Can Adapt to Working From Home During the Coronavirus

Many different businesses across a wide variety of industries are struggling. However, the call centre industry has continued to grow. With the ability for agents to work from home, many call centres have continued without interruption. In fact, due to the number of people working from home data sets have seen a greater return on investment. In this blog, we…


When Disaster Strikes, Can Your Company Still Communicate?

,We just never know when a natural disaster is going to happen. How will it affect how your business operates? The recent disasters such as flooding, snow and even an outbreak of a virus can put pressure on many businesses. If your business revolves around your office in a fixed location it’s critical to invest in a communication system which…


New Feature: Website Chat to Dialler

We’ve added a new feature to our dialler which allows users to respond to website chat messages within the platform. This should allow our customers to add additional channels of communication, gaining more leads and increasing the chances of conversion. Clients who have websites can now give visitors the opportunity to message agents online.  How Website Chat to Dialler works…


How CRM Systems Empower Call Centres

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), helps businesses manage customer information in one central hub. Data can be updated as further communication such as emails or calls take place. A CRM is usually based online and can be accessed by various employees with different access levels. Call centres use CRM’s to manage and update lead data so when they make hundreds…

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