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How CRM Systems Empower Call Centres

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), helps businesses manage customer information in one central hub. Data can be updated as further communication such as emails or calls take place. A CRM is usually based online and can be accessed by various employees with different access levels. Call centres use CRM’s to manage and update lead data so when they make hundreds…


New Feature: Introducing the Agent Calendar

Our latest predictive dialler software release includes an Agent Calendar feature. This allows agents to become more organised and plan for meetings or events. By including this feature within the dialler it keeps agents within one platform and stops them getting distracted by other software. How to Add a Meeting or Event to the Agent Calendar After an agent has…

adding agent image to predictive dialler 3

New Feature: Adding Profile Pictures to Agents

To improve the look and ease of use of the predictive dialler, we’ve added the ability to add a profile picture to each agent. By adding profile pictures you can quickly identify agents when looking through a list of agents. How to add an agent image on the Predictive Dialler To add an image to the predictive dialler go to…


New Feature: SQL Dialling

Due to high demand, we’ve added a brand new feature to our predictive dialler. Drum roll, please… we’d like to announce the addition of SQL Dialling. What is SQL Dialling? SQL dialling allows you to filter large databases to select a segment for more targeted campaigns. It uses what’s known as an SQL (Structured Query Language) to search and identify…


Why UK call centres are outsourcing to South Africa

Businesses throughout the UK are making the decision to outsource their call centres to South Africa. In this blog, we look at the reasons why and examine the feasibility of your call centre doing the same.  There are several reasons why companies are making the decision to outsource their call centre.  Reduce Costs The main reason for UK businesses outsourcing…

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